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Here is a list of the more common service we do for car owners other than oil and filter changes

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Fuel Injection

In a fuel injection system , the fuel is sprayed through the fuel injection nozzle into the combustion chamber. For good combustion, the injectors must produce a fine cone-shaped mist of fuel vapor. Wear or deposits in the nozzle can create "streamers" of liquid fuel that vaporize and burn poorly. This, in turn, can cause hesitation, emissions and performance problems.

Fuel injection cleaning removes deposits from the fuel injection nozzle and clears the way for that fine mist of fuel to come through.

Fuel injection cleaning will help increase performance, eliminate hesitation, improve gas mileage and lower exhaust emissions.

Windscreen and Wipers

Streaking: Streaking may be caused by dry rubber that becomes hard and cracked, or by tree sap, road tar, or other foreign substances adhering to the rubber surface. Sometimes this can be corrected by simply cleaning the rubber wiper.

Chattering: Loss of flexibility due to hardened rubber element caused by exposure to sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Worn Rubber: Indicated by a general rounded or ragged wiper blade edge. Usually caused by wintery conditions or from long wiper service without changing the rubber.

Bent / Damaged: Bent superstructure, blade, arm, spline, or refill are often caused by automatic vehicle wash machines, vandalism, or ice scrapers.

Torn / Split: Obvious effect of hard wiper lift and/or damage due to ultraviolet rays and ozone deterioration. Rubber that has pulled away from the assembly may slip or slap against the glass.

Transmission Flush

Like the oil in your vehicle, the transmission fluid in your transmission can become contaminated with dirt, dust and debris. As the transmission fluid ages, viscosity breaks down and contaminants build up, leaving your vehicle's transmission vulnerable to breakdowns. A complete Transmission flush replaces all the fluid in the transmission and gives long term protection and reliability.

After a transmission flush, you will notice the difference in smoother shifting, improved performance, reduced component failure, and increased vehicle longevity

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